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"Approximately two years ago, I began to feel sharp pains in my left arm as well as numbness and pins and needles in my fingers. At that point I decided to see my doctor. He sent me to another doctor where steroid injections and therapy took place, with no help. Surgery was the next option. In a conversation with a friend, she advised me to see Dr. Molloy. In the past I was strongly against seeing chiropractors, just thinking they only like to crack bones. But after listening to my friend, I was convinced to see for myself. I felt very confident with my first visit. Dr. Molloy explained to me in detail what he felt was needed. It was my choice to decide to go back and see him, and to this day I am pain-free with no recurring symptoms, no surgery. I would highly advise anybody to please give him a chance".

Neal H.

"Before seeing Dr. Molloy, I had been taking Tylenol for my neck and back pain. I tried rest and heating packs, yet was still in pain. I went to see my orthopedist and he told me that I had arthritis and "calcium deposits", and he recommended that I see a chiropractor. Dr. Molloy has helped to reduce my pain significantly. He is a very attentive and helpful person and is concerned with improving my problems, as well as doing whatever is in my best interest. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for chiropractic treatment".

Anna T.

"I have been suffering from osteoporosis and resultant vertebral compression fractures for a number of years. I was advised to take muscle relaxants, bed rest, and physical therapy. I suffered for weeks. I decided to try chiropractic care. But even then I learned that all chiropractors are not the same. After trying three different types, it really made a difference when I discovered the activator method. Chiropractic maintenance has become a part of my life. I find it really pays to keep your body in alignment instead of waiting until an injury occurs, especially if you have old injuries. Having a tendency to overwork myself, I know Dr. Savicky will alleviate my aches and pains. I recommend chiropractic to everyone".

Dottie D.

"I had the misfortune of encountering a very sudden onset of left shoulder/arm weakness and numbness. I could not extend my left arm for more than a few seconds before experiencing severe weakness and numbness in the entire arm and trembling of my fingers. I was left-hand dominant, so I was unable to work and left very scared. I immediately sought out chiropractic and met Dr. Molloy. I felt results immediately. Within a week, the numbness and trembling had gone. In a month's time, I was completely back to my baseline. I was able to return to my job and back to riding my horse without any problem. My 18-year-old daughter, who is very athletic, had a similar positive experience, and we both see Dr. Molloy on a regular and as-needed basis".

Marissa S.

"I was suffering from intense neck, wrist, and hand pain from a repetitive strain injury. I developed this injury over a year due to extensive computer use required at work. I couldn't grasp an object or shake a hand without pain. I went to an orthopedic doctor who gave me a wrist brace to use and tried physical therapy. Nothing was working, so I tried chiropractic. Since having chiropractic treatments, my symptoms have vastly improved. The range of motion in my neck has improved and is back to normal. The pain levels in my neck and hands have been reduced by 80 percent. I am no longer in chronic pain with either my neck or hands. The doctors took the time to understand all my needs and concerns. I would strongly recommend chiropractic to anyone seeking better health".

Jesse P.

"As a police officer I have suffered with pain for several years from sitting in the car and the additional weight of my belt. One year ago I started chiropractic treatments for a herniated disc in my lower back, neck pain, and elbow pain. Since then, I have noticed major improvement in my quality of life and pain levels with the chiropractic treatments".

Roger S.

"I began seeing Dr. Molloy for jaw pain (TMJ) and neck pain. Eating was sometimes painful and annoying and I couldn't move my neck well. My jaw would also get cramped and sort of swollen. Once I started seeing Dr. Molloy I was able to move my neck, head and jaw more than I previously could. We made some changes in my daily activities and I was shown exercises to do at home. If I had not had treatment I wouldn't know what I would do for my pain. I learned that there's only so much you can do for yourself without a professional, and I would not know all of the things I do to treat myself if it weren't for Dr. Molloy. He is a really good person, cares about his patients and I am eternally grateful for what he has done for me".

Cara D.

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